Commercial Loans


Commercial Lending

Why should you choose American Pacific Mortgage?

Finding the right loan structure is much more than finding the lowest rate. Rate is important, however there are other considerations as well, such as:

Repayment terms – a longer amortization schedule may offer more flexibility in what you can afford.

Higher Loan-to-value “LTV” – the ability of a lender to stretch farther on the LTV can make a difference in terms of the valuable cash needed for the ongoing operation of your business or other investment opportunities.

Commitment – many lenders structure their transactions with a long amortization schedule of 5 or 10 years. This means you may benefit today by a slightly lower rate, but will incur costs when the balloon payment comes due. There is also the risk that the balloon payment may become due at an economic low point.

Expertise– American Pacific Mortgage Commercial Lending Group can assist borrowers in presenting their loan request to lenders in the best possible light. We pre-screen all lender credit underwriting criteria in advance of loan submission so potential issues are addressed before they become problems.


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